Nick 'LuvServed' Daily

A Life Motto. Applied.

LuvServedDaily: the consistent pursuit of happiness (for self) and others. Throughout life and career, Nick Daily centers the humanity and experiences of everyone trying to do good in this world. This philosophy carries throughout the style and content of the diversity and identity workshops Nick Daily provides on college campuses and organizations throughout the country.

College students today have needs as diverse as their identities. Between adjusting to college life and upholding academic rigor, the last thing they need is to experience marginalization, aggressions, and dehumanization. Nick Daily's diversity and inclusion workshops work to restore the humanity of students, staff, and faculty through reflection, engagement, and action planning. 


Custom Virtual and   In-person Workshops

Workshops prioritize participant engagement and contributions. After a combination of activities, prompts, and discussions, each workshop is then assessed to determine participant growth and workshop effectiveness. Below are only a few workshops Nick Daily is more than happy to provide. Have different learning outcomes in mind? No problem!

Student Facing

Student Orientation and Experience 

  • ​Living our Values of Social Justice

  • The Big Nine - Moving through multiple identities

Resident Assistant Trainings

  • The RA Role as Allies/Advocates/Activists

  • Stereotype Threat, Imposter Syndrome, and Class Privilege & Oppression

  • Not Getting It: Building, Practicing and Fostering Vulnerability

Cultural Center Student Staff

  • Inclusion in Social Justice Communities

  • Anti-Blackness in the AAPI Community


Professional Development

Divisional and Cabinet 

  • Identifying and Dismantling White Supremacy Culture

  • Creating Inclusive Communities in the Workplace

Staff and Faculty Trainings​

  • Social Justice and Burnout

  • Trans Inclusion in the Classroom

  • Black Student Inclusion in the Classroom

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Nick led a great discussion in our queer seminar. Nick's emphasis on helping students preserve their spirit and optimism was most welcome. Nick's workshop in our community meeting was really terrific, especially since folks who rarely say a word participated fully.

Daniel - English Faculty Member at a small private institution

(Nick provided a) wonderful, thought provoking and action provoking training. Nick took the time to deliver the workshop with such intelligence, grace, humor and conviction - so that we could all engage in the material and learn.

Robin - Training Director at a small private institution

Nick’s visit included three tailored engagements to fit our campus climate developed through pre-visit needs assessment. Nick’s approach is refreshingly honest, vulnerable, inviting, and funny. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Nick back to campus to help guide us in deepening our commitment to equity and inclusion!

Katie - Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs at a mid-sized public institution